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Recent Articles

Illustration of Fifth Third Bank's Need for Tech Investment in Regulatory Risk Management

Fifth Third Bank is facing regulatory scrutiny due to using traditional methods in digital account openings, signaling the necessity for investing in technology.

Illustration of Finovate Global Brazil: Fintech Developments in Brazil

Discover the latest in Brazilian fintech, from instant payments to AI acquisitions and funding for medical students.

Illustration of Major CrowdStrike Outage Impacts Bank of America, JPM, TD, and Visa

Global CrowdStrike outage affects major banks and organizations like Bank of America, JPM, TD, and Visa due to a cybersecurity issue linked to a recent update. Learn more about the significant IT disruption.

Illustration of Pindrop Raises $100 Million to Strengthen Anti-Fraud Technologies

Pindrop secures $100 million in debt financing from Hercules Capital, boosting its total funding to $318 million. The funds will further develop AI technologies to combat cyber fraud.

Illustration of Streamly: Insights on Community Banks, Credit Unions, and Big Tech Collaborations

Discover key insights from FinovateSpring on how technology impacts community banks, credit unions, and partnerships with big tech companies.

Illustration of KeyBank Invests Heavily in Technology With $800M Annual Budget

KeyBank allocates $800 million each year to technology investments, with plans for increased spending in 2025 to enhance operational capabilities. The bank's cost savings strategy has freed up funds for significant investments in technology and workforce.

Illustration of CFPB Proposes Rule on Earned Wage Access for Employee Awareness

Learn about the CFPB's proposal of an interpretive rule to regulate earned wage access products, ensuring employees understand associated costs and fees. Discover how this impacts the availability of real-time earned wage access.

Illustration of Stratyfy and Prism Data Partner to Enhance Lenders' Decision-Making

Discover how AI company Stratyfy collaborates with Prism Data to leverage cash flow data for improved lending decisions and increased financial inclusion.

Illustration of Citizens Bank Embracing Cloud-Based Applications Using AI for Efficiency

Citizens Bank is leveraging generative AI and transitioning its operations to the cloud to enhance cost-effectiveness and productivity.

Illustration of Bank of England warns of delays in CHAPS payment system

Learn how the Bank of England's CHAPS service, a major high-value payment system, is facing delays due to a global payments issue.